Introducing Act+Acre

Act+Acre, launched in December 2018, founded by hairstylist Helen Reavey and husband Colm Mackin, is a modern haircare brand, targeted at both men and women that exists to make you think differently about the health and care of your hair. The haircare industry has been dominated by short term haircare solutions. Act+Acre are setting a new standard for long term hair wellness.

Since the invention of the haircare industry, companies have been using heat and chemical emulsion to formulate their products. Formulas reach up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which can destroy active ingredients and reduce effectiveness. Act+Acre’s products have been created using a “Cold Process Method”, which over the last 18 months the team has worked with a large community of chemists, physicists, biochemists, and botanists to innovate, build out production and eventual patent the method. The Cold Process Method™ uses ice cold water at high pressure to combine our essential oils and ingredients. This ensures the active ingredients remain fresh and highly potent, just as nature intended.

Act+Acre pride’s themselves on being a sustainable brand; their packaging is fully recyclable, their products are environmentally friendly and chemical free, their Cold Processed method uses 90% less energy during the production process, their partners subscribe to sustainable business practices and equal wages and their products are made locally in the USA.

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