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Our Guide to an Italian Summer

Posted on: June 24th, 2018 by Gregorio Ruggeri No Comments

Siena, Italy

The blushing bride is helped along by Greg & Craig

We first traveled to Siena for a friend’s wedding, and were lucky to return earlier this month for another romantic celebration, this time at the incredible Stomennano, a tiny Tuscan village built on top of Etruscan and Roman ruins.  (

Palio di Siena held inside the Piazza del Campo, great viewing in the early evening.

Contrade Flags

Siena is incredibly sophisticated and beautiful, the people are so warm, and it is one of the most well-preserved historic centers in all of Italy. While you’ll rarely see a car inside of its walls, if you can make it in time for July 2nd or August 16th, you’ll get to see the Palio de Siena, a horse race that’s been around since at least 1644. Ten horses and riders (who ride bareback) get dressed in the colors that represent ten of the seventeen contrade of the city. If you go, make sure that you get the coveted seats near the finishing line. Not just because you will be at the center of the excitement, but you will be in the shade of the old buildings.

If you don’t make it for the race, Siena is romantic, small and there are many beautiful Medieval buildings to view year round. And, it’s less crowded than Florence.

A gorgeous villa that we were lucky enough to stay at outside of Siena with views back onto the old city.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do when in Siena:

  1. Piazza del Campo is the heart of Siena, and impossible to miss. Have drinks in the shade in the early evening. You must have a spritz, which is proseco wine with a dash of some bitter liquor such as Aperol or Campari, topped with sparkling water. Delicious!
  2. Climb to the top of Torre del Mangia. To reach the top of the tower you have to climb 400 steps, but the views of the town and surrounding countryside are well worth it.
  3. Every Wednesday it’s market day in Siena. The biggest market in Tuscany is held at La Lizza, an area near the old fortress, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. They sell food, clothes and also souvenirs.
  4. Traditonal food at La Taverna di San Giuseppe
  5. Delicious Italian at Bagoga and Enoteca i Terzi
  6. Pasticceria Bini for the best pastries in town
  7. Antichità Monna Agnese with jewelry shop opposite for antiques worth sending home.
  8. There is an outdoor antique market on the third Sunday every month at Piazza del Mercato.
  9. Cravattificio di Siena for beautiful scarves
  10. Rent a villa outside the city and have a car.

Treatments…Do we really need them?

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Finally, it feels like Spring outside and now we’re all in a frenzy to make sure our strands are in tip top shape. Part of what keeps our hair in top shape is the power of a great treatment. However, not all treatments are made equal. A client asked me the other day how much we should spend on treatments, and to be honest the answer is quite simple. If you find yourself at the drug store and you purchase a product that was relatively cheap (Between $5-7) you would be be overjoyed because you haven’t spent much but would you actually use it or let it run it’s shelf life or actually use it? Consider this,  if you make the investment to splurge on a product that would cost upwards to $70 you would actually have to use it in order to feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

When clients come in and ask for a treatment I usually asses what they’re looking to treat. Is it split ends, something to hydrate dry frizzy hair, etc etc. While yes there are many different treatments to solve all of these problems, one of my personal favorites is the Iles Formula ‘Haute Performance Hair Mask’ by Wendy Iles.

The Haute Performance Mask is designed for all hair types, and used to not only nourish but strengthen your hair. Rich in oils and vitamins such as Macrobola oil, which is known for it’s conditioning power, as well as nut oils from Australia, and a healthy dose of Vitamin E and B5. Once you’ve washed your hair, before you use conditioner it’s best to put this mask in, and comb it through so the product evenly distributes. Let this sit for 5-15 minutes, rinse and condition as normal. After conditioning, your hair will feel much softer and smoother, making for beautiful tresses that look and feel absolutely amazing.

Switching Stylists? Have no Fear…

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You know what they say, out with the old…in with the new. Sometimes part of getting your hair ready for the Spring includes switching your stylist. I know, it’s a painful thought…however, change is good! There are a few key tips in making the transition as seamless as possible, and ultimately giving you the hair of your dreams.

One last chance in your chair…

This is probably one of the toughest conversations you will encounter. It may be slightly uncomfortable at first, but it will be worth it in the end. Explain to your stylist why you’re unhappy but willing to give them one last chance. Sometimes it can be a scheduling issue, it can be you felt like over time the relationship began to decline slowly, or simply because you just want a fresh start with someone new. No matter what the reason, always remember (It’s not what you say…but how you say it.)

Finding your new stylist.

Finding a new stylist after growing and bonding with one for so long can be a challenge. However, it  doesn’t have to be. First things first, it’s important for you to do a little homework. Read reviews, look at social media profiles, even ask your friends and family who they see, or if they have any recommendations. Even walking down the street, you may stumble upon your next salon home.


Now you’ve got your stylist…now what?

The first time meeting a new stylist can be extremely nerve-racking. You may be apprehensive for a multitude of reasons, such as your fear of them damaging your hair, your color being dull, or even them taking too much hair off whilst doing a simple trim. The best remedy for all of that is to create a board on Pinterest before your appointment. This board should include the style you wish to achieve, the color you would like to get to..etc. The most important part of being with a new stylist is trust and open dialogue. Ask as many questions as you need to until you feel comfortable.


During your appointment

During your appointment try not to be too nervous or fidgety, so your stylist can ultimately give you the results you desire. The more you fidget, the harder it is for them to do their job and give you the results you absolutely desire. Keep an open mind and trust that they know what they’re doing.

After you’re finished…

If you’re unhappy with the way your hair turned out, express that to your stylist immediately. Usually, they’ll be able to fix the problem, whether it be adding another toner, maybe putting a few baby-lights around the hairline, even taking another inch or two off.  Express how you feel, because it all makes a difference. Every stylist wants to make their clients happy, so if that includes fixing a few things, they are more than game.

Now if you’re happy with your hair, by all means please do express that as well! It’s always appreciated to thank your stylist and let them know how much of a great job they’ve done. Aside from tipping at least 20%, it’s always suggested that you prebook for your next appointment. If your stylist gives you any after care instructions, by all means do try your best to follow them to keep your hair as healthy as possible.


Au Revoir Winter, Bonjour Spring!

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As we all know Winter can take a huge toll on our hair. The constant hot tool usage, continuous blow-outs, and dehydration from radiators can really damage hair follicles, leaving them dry and dull. With Spring approaching, it’s time to re-vamp and get our hair the healthiest it can be.


Step One: Contour your washing routine

It’s extremely tempting to want to wash your hair as much as possible, so you can keep it as clean as possible. However, over washing can do more harm than good. You wouldn’t over wash your face, so why would you do over-wash your hair? Too much washing can strip natural oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle. Skip a few shampoos, you’ll thank yourself later.


Step Two: Snipping those dead ends off

Getting routine haircuts are key in keeping your hair as healthy as possible. For each of our clients that come in, we usually do a ‘dusting’ in between haircuts, which is usually a light trim to maintain the health of the hair. Regular haircuts should be scheduled every four to six weeks.  Routine haircuts and dustings are key to get your hair as healthy as possible, especially if you are using hot tools every few days.



Step Three: Hydration is KEY

Keeping your hair healthy is never complete without hydrating it. During the winter months we’re overly drying our hair, the heating and radiators are doing wear and tear on our hair. The perfect cocktail mix to get the ultimate hydration back in your hair would be from Virtue Labs. The Smooth Shampoo and the Recovery Conditioner makes the perfect duo to give your hair the hydration it needs.

Cleans | Softens | Shines


Hydrates | Softens | Soothes

Hair Washing from the Pros

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This Is The Right Way to Wash Your Hair(Yes, There’s a Right Way)

By Gina Florio for Hello Giggles

There are several parts of our beauty routine that feel like second nature to us, like brushing our teeth, washing our face, and putting on body lotion. Washing your hair might feel like another routine you’ve got down pat, but there’s a pretty high likelihood that you’re doing it all wrong. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to Christophe Robin, a colorist from Paris who works with big name celebrities.

Robin spoke to the New York Times and even did a live video tutorial on the correct way to wash your hair. You might be surprised with some of the information below, but take heed and your hair will look professionally done in no time.

The first step Robin recommends is to brush your dry hair and get all the tangles out.


“You detangle first so that way you don’t have to detangle hair after, when it’s wet,” he insisted. “You never should use a comb on hair that is wet. It’s very stressing on the hair.”

Next, distribute a nourishing oil throughout the ends of your (still dry) hair. Robin says he prefers this rather than using a conditioner, which can be quite heavy for your hair. Leave it in for about 15 minutes, or overnight if you remember to do so.

Now here’s the part that happens in the shower. Wash your hair with the correct kind of shampoo for your hair, depending on if you have color-treated hair, curly hair, greasy hair, etc. Use only about a teaspoon, which you can mix up with water in your hands. Lather up with your head upside down to create volume, avoid the ends, and don’t use your fingernails on your scalp.

When you rinse it out, make sure you rinse thoroughly enough to where your hair feels squeaky clean. Robin said it’s very common for women to leave shampoo residue in their hair, so make sure you really rinse. After that, if you’re using conditioner, you can apply that to the ends of your hair.

Robin then showed what you’re supposed to do when you towel dry your hair. You should never rub your strands dry, he said. He uses another method to get rid of excess water.

“Flip your head upside down and run a towel over it from both sides quickly,” he instructed.

Yes, this sounds like a long, arduous process. However, Robin said if you do it the right way, you shouldn’t have to wash your hair more than twice a week. If you work out and sweat a lot, use a homemade apple cider vinegar spray at the roots to remove grease (five drops to five ounces of water).

Phew! At least your hair will be positively gorgeous.

Pretty Pastels inspired by Trolls!

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This Neon-Pastel Dye Job—Inspired By a Troll Doll!—Was a New York Fashion Week Hit

By Laura Regensdorf


This is after Adam Selman’s show. I’m wearing a Miaou dress from her newest collection, and it’s a perfect example of me being able to wear a neutral, now that I’m a neon-peach Troll doll. I love to remix bags by adding my own hardware. This was just a little bag from Zara, but I attached a ball chain for the handle to make it feel more me. And thankful to Mother Nature for the wind machine!
Photo: Courtesy of Madeline Poole

As the minutes ticked down to Shayne Oliver’s debut collection for Helmut Langon Monday night, those watching the live stream surveyed the buzzing crowd: Lil Yachty, Kelela, Paloma Elsesser. But for a solid minute, the wide-angle camera alighted on a magnetic head of fluoro-canteloupe hair, zooming in like a moth to a flame. For anyone in Madeline Poole‘s downtown circle—or among her 143,000 Instagram followers—her new candy-bright dye job was unmistakable. The nail artist was in the building.

“I’ve always embraced that I was eccentric and colorful, but lately it’s gone to the next level,” Poole explains of a wardrobe that’s increasingly crammed with graphic patterns and ultra-brights. “I just realized, ‘Wait, it does not make sense for me to have brown hair—this is crazy.'” Though she’d long considered an unconventional dye job, she wasn’t looking for off-the-rack pink. It was only after she spotted someone on the street with a shade of “clementine-neon-pastel-peach”—a unicorn in the land of hair color—that inspiration struck. “I found a reference, which was a Troll doll. Literally a Troll doll,” Poole deadpans, marveling at its exact riff on her favorite palette: sun-bleached electrics by way of Miami. Shortly before New York Fashion Week, she turned up at Salon Ruggeri to see the colorist Illeisha Lussiano for what turned out to be a marathon eight-hour session. “Illy was so, so detailed—I was really amazed,” says Poole, a tough critic whose own precision handwork and pitch-perfect eye landed her the role of global color ambassador for Sally Hansen.

It’s really fun to extend the color palette of my wardrobe. I always took great pride in my color combos—but with salmon-sashimi-colored hair, I have this whole other element that makes it easier for me to incorporate more subtle tones like military green.
Photo: Courtesy of Madeline Poole

There is, of course, a trickle-down effect for such a transformation. Poole’s manicures—often intricate designs that show off her art-school pedigree—have since taken a turn toward the classics. Hair accessories, like kawaii fruit-shaped clips and scrunchies, are now in rotation. As for her wardrobe, a funny thing happened: She’s learned to love a neutral. “I’d always think, ‘This is so drab; it’s washing me out,” she recalls of the khaki, gray, and army-green tones she’d usually shrug off in her brunette days. But then, freshly dyed, she tried on a neon-red-and-pink houndstooth number that she’d bought for fashion week, thinking it would be her ace in the hole. “I was like, I am a clown! I can’t do this,” she says with a laugh.

Here, Poole chronicles these sartorial shifts in a NYFW photo diary that follows her from Adam Selman’s show to Sandy Liang‘s studio—an odyssey that has earned her no small amount of attention. Her crew has given her the pet name “Shrimpy.” Designer friends are combing through racks for pieces that will vibrate with her cartoon-flamingo hair. “Strangers are engaging with me more, in a nice way. I probably get 17 compliments when I’m walking down the street,” Poole reports. She’s already daydreaming about the next experiment—a spot-on shade of periwinkle-tinged sky blue—but for now she’s staying the course with regular Manic Panic upkeep. “I let the FedEx guy in, and he was like, “I remember you!” she says of her erstwhile anonymity. Not that she misses it. “I like being remembered. Who doesn’t?”

A Summer at Salon Ruggeri…

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By Jennifer Picht, Jacqueline Nochisaki and Cristina Gibson

Salon Ruggeri

Australia natives and partners Gregorio Ruggeri & Craig Longhurst moved to New York to open their 1st salon in 2010. Then moved from their previous mid-town location to open their gorgeous NoMad salon in 2015. The chic salon feels more like a luxurious apartment and is beautifully decorated by Longhurst, an interior designer, and the vintage furniture and home accessories are all actually for sale if you like what you see. It also sells fragrances and jewelry in addition to styling products. The salon uses no assistants—you get one master stylist who does your cut, color and style. Haircuts and highlights start at $150, blowouts are $60.

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