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Treatments…Do we really need them?

Posted on: May 17th, 2018 by Gregorio Ruggeri No Comments

Finally, it feels like Spring outside and now we’re all in a frenzy to make sure our strands are in tip top shape. Part of what keeps our hair in top shape is the power of a great treatment. However, not all treatments are made equal. A client asked me the other day how much we should spend on treatments, and to be honest the answer is quite simple. If you find yourself at the drug store and you purchase a product that was relatively cheap (Between $5-7) you would be be overjoyed because you haven’t spent much but would you actually use it or let it run it’s shelf life or actually use it? Consider this,  if you make the investment to splurge on a product that would cost upwards to $70 you would actually have to use it in order to feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

When clients come in and ask for a treatment I usually asses what they’re looking to treat. Is it split ends, something to hydrate dry frizzy hair, etc etc. While yes there are many different treatments to solve all of these problems, one of my personal favorites is the Iles Formula ‘Haute Performance Hair Mask’ by Wendy Iles.

The Haute Performance Mask is designed for all hair types, and used to not only nourish but strengthen your hair. Rich in oils and vitamins such as Macrobola oil, which is known for it’s conditioning power, as well as nut oils from Australia, and a healthy dose of Vitamin E and B5. Once you’ve washed your hair, before you use conditioner it’s best to put this mask in, and comb it through so the product evenly distributes. Let this sit for 5-15 minutes, rinse and condition as normal. After conditioning, your hair will feel much softer and smoother, making for beautiful tresses that look and feel absolutely amazing.

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